Overall Applications and Functions of Cone Crushers

The cone crusher is a set of crushing speed, eccentricity from the perfect combination of high performance crushing cavity design, broken than large, high production efficiency, laminated principles into equipment, to improve the proportion of fine material and cube content really flaky lion reducing uniform grain shape. Hongxing Machinery cone crusher has a crushing chamber type, can be used for secondary crushing, crushing in aggregate crushing process of crushing as well as ultra-fine crushing a variety of different specifications, with a high degree of flexibility with thin oil lubrication and hydraulic protection hydraulic cavity clearing system, to improve the life of the equipment also makes the device easy to use, simple maintenance, eliminating the need for on-time maintenance time and maintenance cost savings for customers.

These years as the country to support the development of infrastructure, crushing and screening also will be booming, prompting all kinds of rapid replacement of crusher machine, but the moment the ideal equipment of crushing equipment still push the cone crusher based. Must be used in the quarry to the crushing and screening equipment, cone crusher is one of the most widely used, because of practical, high efficiency, and has a high abrasion resistance and low the latter part of maintenance, the main quarry crushing equipment. The outstanding behavior of Hongxing hydraulic cone crusher in the production of metallurgy pushes it to be the top choice in industry of metallurgy and architectural material industry in our country.

Hongxing Machinery is known for its excellent quality of the equipment, there are numerous quarries, concentrator and gravel plants customers Hongxing Machinery cooperation, the introduction of the Hongxing mechanical cone crusher crushing processing materials, produced aggregate widely used with a variety of infrastructure. Hongxing Machinery cone crusher with a powerful crushing power, production efficiency, stable performance won the recognition and support of our customers, to prove the reliability of this the sails mechanical equipment to customers with their own strength.

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Main Issues in Maintenance of Cone Crushing Machines

In the competitive crusher industry, it is the brands competition. Since Shanghai Hongxing sets up, we devote our attentions into making high quality products, independent innovation. More and more human and financial resources are put into the new products making. Hydraulic cone crusher is the result of absorbing advanced technology; compared with the traditional cone crusher, this machine improves automatic degree largely.

1.Cone crusher working note:

Mine must be allocated to the plate in the middle , forbidding the mine goes into the crushing cavity directly. Because it is easy to make crusher overload and the liner wear unevenly .

The condition of giving mine:

a. Mine evenly was distributed in the crushing cavity through the distribution plate.

b. Feeding ore can“t higher than the level of rolling acetabular wall.

The crusher to the maximum size of giving mine couldn“t be allowed equal to the mine mouth size ( the maximum size of giving mine = 85% to the mine mouth size) ,or they will lead to :

a. Crushers yield reduced.

b. Damage to certain parts of the crusher.

2.Crushers are not allowed to start overloading , because the overload will start the accident.

When the crusher will finish the work,at first we must stop to the mining machine . When crushing the mine goes into the crushing cavity after discharge ,it can make crusher stop.Crusher should be always checking the pressure and hydraulic locking system work station , once we identify problems and handling in time .

3. Crushers“ output

Crushers“ output, and feeding methods , feeding degradation, platoon ore blocks degrees size,mechanical properties, temperature and so on . Varies greatly,the manufacturer of a given output is sketchy the quantity in the specified conditions.

4. The replacement of rolling acetabular wall.

Rolling acetabular wall with U shape screws embedded in the adjustment of the ring, both between infusing zinc alloy and making closely. New installation or the replacement of rolling acetabular wall, in the work six to eight hours we should check for tightening situation ,and once again tighten the u-shaped screw.

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Changes of Impact Crusher Lie in Quality and Performance

Counterattack crusher has big crushing ratio; Product size is in the shape of a cube can improve the quality of concrete products; Selective crushing and grade of the product, and won wide through structure design can also be a narrow product grade; Excellent performance of iron; Simple structure, convenient maintenance, small vibration, relatively low energy consumption characteristics significantly. Hongxing heavy new powerful counterattack crusher rotor design, and strict detection means, to ensure high quality of the rotor. Physical characteristics of the limestone is a kind of hardness and brittleness material, smaller so crushing limestone is the most suitable models counterattack crusher, at the same time, the main crusher counterattack crusher is limestone crushing production line.

The machine broken characteristics significantly, crushing cavity can receive large pieces of the material and make it broken, not material, do not make breaker overload; In squeeze the time interval between material can free pass, large handling capacity; To a certain output size and capacity under the premise of guarantee minimum consumption of power and lining board; Material particle size and uniform size and large processing capacity. Compared Hongxing heavy impact crusher and other crusher equipment, the overall structure and working principle is different, the device is to use impact crushing machines, the size and the shape of material more accord with standard of stone.

Crusher rotor is a heart, also is the impact breaker acceptance the most restrictive parts, in the work plays an important role. Our company developed and produced a strong heavy rotor structure to obtain higher moment of inertia. High wear resistant material, and the best crushing cavity, makes the performance of the crusher suffering. And powerful counterattack crusher after counterattack plate adopts the spring safety device, when the gouge into the crushing cavity, fight back, before and after the broken item to escape from the machine to ensure production safety, high efficiency.

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Applicable Ranges of Impact Crushers Are Extending

By using the impact energy, the impact crusher can break materials which are hard, such as rocks and stones. The materials“ size that can be crushed by the impact crusher is less than 500mm, and their compressive strength is not more than 360 MPa. Generally, every countries“ industries, such as electricity, roads, railways and construction industry, can“t live without impact crusher . All the industries those are mentioned need a gravel system to produce aggregation to meet the quality requirements. And in this system, the impact crusher has been widely used. The application of impact crusher equipment is already very popular whether in the work of beneficiation or in the production of stone,as long as crhsing stone material,this device is the preferred.

Large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency and easy maintenance characterizes that. Depending on its characteristics, the impact crusher is widely used in highway construction, hydraulic engineering and architectural gravel processing, and in these industries, it is especially useful to crush granite, limestone, and river gravel. First, let“s talk about the power of the impact crusher. As we can see, the machine has a high chrome plate hammer. When we operate the machine, the hammer will move fast by the power of impact resistance, abrasion resistance and impact strength. And then the materials will be destroyed by the power.

Second, the impact crusher is designed with perfect grinding capabilities, high productivity, and high overall efficiency. That means the impact machine can work efficiently and stably. And the machine can crush a lot of materials in the same time. And the machine have compact structure, high rigidity, and huge inertia of the rotor. Unlike the other crushers, the impact crusher has little dust pollution. It has a big feed mouth which makes it can be poured into lots of materials one time. And theimpact crusher has a keyless connection, which makes it easily to be cleaned. And in one word, the impact crusher is economical and reliable. The device is better than the other crushing equipments in terms of price, quality, efficiency.Most industries for crushing equipment needs leading to crushing machinery in short supply,many companies saw an opportunity in the mechanical production,the industry has also attracted more attention.

china impact crusher: http://www.china-crusher.com/cone-crusher5.html

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